Friday, September 4, 2009


i saw a lot of stupid women. women who didn't appreciate themself. i think its important for a woman to keep her position, keep her place. if a man didn't love you with his whole heart, just leave him! there's a lot of man outside who wants to give you everything.

even if you're alone, you'll be fine! dont waste you're time with a stupid man who dont have anything and even he didn't appreciate you as a woman. if that man want to take control of you, just let him go! you're not a horse! you're a woman! if he scolding you with unreal reason and more to his satisfaction, scold him back!

if he doesn't have an advantage?oh man, you're a plus. with a minus you'll be zero, with a plus you'll be one. if you're alone, you still a plus. that man is cheating on you?? give him a lesson! just show him how stupid he is about losing you! leave him, because he's the most stupid man in the world!

come on, women! we are strong. dont let those stupid man take control of us! God just created us so beautifuly with so many "plus" in ourself. we need to have strength!

ps: took from my friends blog and translated by me :p

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