Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my 2010 resolution

this is my 2010 resolutions :)

1. pay more attention in class, do your best in college.
2. be a productive college student.
3. not involve in any kind of romance.

hope i can make that all. actually i never make any resolutions every new year. but i guess this is the time. when my life is in a mess and i need to think whats good and whats bad for me to be a better person. wish me luck with my resolutions :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


i saw a lot of stupid women. women who didn't appreciate themself. i think its important for a woman to keep her position, keep her place. if a man didn't love you with his whole heart, just leave him! there's a lot of man outside who wants to give you everything.

even if you're alone, you'll be fine! dont waste you're time with a stupid man who dont have anything and even he didn't appreciate you as a woman. if that man want to take control of you, just let him go! you're not a horse! you're a woman! if he scolding you with unreal reason and more to his satisfaction, scold him back!

if he doesn't have an advantage?oh man, you're a plus. with a minus you'll be zero, with a plus you'll be one. if you're alone, you still a plus. that man is cheating on you?? give him a lesson! just show him how stupid he is about losing you! leave him, because he's the most stupid man in the world!

come on, women! we are strong. dont let those stupid man take control of us! God just created us so beautifuly with so many "plus" in ourself. we need to have strength!

ps: took from my friends blog and translated by me :p

Thursday, July 23, 2009

how everythings change

how come everythings can change just in one day? not really one day, its just about 10 hours..
10 hours and everythings change..
saad saaad saaad..
aaahh this all make me crazy..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

im using my blackberry

Hahaha. I'm posting with my new blackberry! Just testing,btw. No need to comment. Heheehe

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what a nice experience!

i have told you earlier in my last post, me and Arni (my partner in crime for white velvet. hehee) were invited to attend a program called "Bandung Bloggers" 98,2 Bandung FM. Its a little late actually posting this story now. But what i have to saay? Im busy. You know? Hehee.. :):)

this is some picture of uuuss :D

mas agus, arni and meee

you can see also in here

ps : mas agus mau foto yang ada mas randynyaa doong! hehee
venia <3

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey all, long time not posting. I got a little busy lately. Busy with our exam, our life, bla bla bla.. I do thinking about this blog too btw. I dont want to disappoint our lovely readers :)

Last week I was invited by Bandung Radio 98,2 Fm. What is our blog about? Fashion, Gossip, Couliner, Etc. We had such a good time there! A nice experience for me and my friend Arni.Thanks to Mas Agus and Mas Randy. :D:D

Okeeee back to the main topic. hahaa. This is Diana Rikasari. Famous Fashion Blogger in Indonesia. If you don't believe us, go check all the fashion blogs in Indonesia. They all link Diana Rikasari in their blogs...Just like I did :D. Her blog name is Hot Chocolate & Mint.

I got to interview her a month ago, but she recently replied to my email a few days ago. That is why I am posting this right now. Oke fellas, this is our Q&A and a few photo from her official blog, Hot Chocolate & Mint.

Sejak kpn mulai jadi fashion blogger? ceritain juga dong awal mulanya jd blogger?
Sejak May 2007, gara-gara temenku semuanya udah pada bikin blog dari situ jadi ikut-ikutan . Trus somehow jadi kebawa untuk lebih mengekspos fashion padahal tadinya enggak loh, cuma kayak curhat2 biasa aja..

Tell me about your blog?
My blog is my personal space where i express my ideas mostly on fashion. It has no limits whatsoever and it's all just about a girl having fun..

Apa gak akan bosan nulis blog terus setiap hari?
Mmm gak tau juga yaa... Sekarang sih belom tuh.

Favourite fashion blogger?
Susie Bubble (Style Bubble) and Queen Michelle (Kingdom of Style)

Who is your role model in fashion?
The Olsens!!

Your favourite brand?
Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Topshop

Fashion item yang lagi paling sering dipake? why?
Blazer! soalnya gue suka pake kaos. Pas ditambahin blazer, jadi keliatan lebih keren aja. heheheh

Dapat dari mana sih ide-ide mix and match?
Randomness.. Kalo lagi buka-buka lemari, suka iseng-iseng aja coba-coba. heheh...

What you feel with people who hate you? Kemarin-kemarin sempat ada yg comment-comment kasar dan menyebalkan di blog kamu?

Lots! but i try to take them as constructive the end, this is a free world and we have to just accept the fact that some people are just simply mean sometimes.

Any idea to make your own clothing line or something? wait! hahaha

Wow. We waiiit for your clothing line, Di. We will buy one! We promise. hehehee.. Oke, fellas this is some picture from her officialy blog : Hot Chocolate Mint. Take a peek :)

her shoes is from Wondershoe! we will made some post about Wondershoe nearly.. :)

loveee her skiirtt <3>

some random of her styles<3>

PS; you can see this post at White Velvet. Just a little correction. Thanks my dearest friend KIWI :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

white velvet is going to rock the world!

hey all!! its been looong time not posting in here.. i've lot change since my last posting..
im move to another house, now im selling clothes, tights, and many more and i have one blog with my college friends named White Velvet.

actually White Velvet is just for our assignment. but after all there soooo much people give positive feedbacks. thats make me and my friend thought to continued posting in White Velvet.. and we even have no idea, we made Evita Nuh cried because of our last posting.. we wrote about her and she said she feels really happy. we are too verry happy, evita..

and guess what, because of White Velvet, me and my partner was invited by 95,2 Bandung FM to share our blog to the world on 23th June!! awesooomeee!! White Velvet really really gonna rock the world! check our blog okey, fellas!

ps: im gonna post in here more about my fashion and my life..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

read this blog!

ooh its so long time a go not posting ini here xp..anyway, me and my friend make a new fashion blog! named White Velvet. see this blog and leave a comment please..
actually its for our assignment, but you'll find a great info about fashion, gossip and cullinaire in there.. so see ya @ White Velvet

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

im back!

hi every one! its been long time not posting anything in my blog. im kinda busy lately. im busy with my task, with my boyfriend who came here to bandung to visit me, and im busy selling clothes, accecories and shoes with my sister. here some picture, im selling it. if you attracted to buy, just give a comment in this post or if you want to see another things see my facebook. just click!

all unbranded, the black ankle boots is for sale with just 150.000 IDR

for sale 150.000 IDR
size :36,37,38

all unbranded,the animal print dress for sale with just 125000 IDR, and the chocolate heels for 150000 IDR

for sale 150.000 IDR
size : 36, 37, 38

Monday, March 30, 2009

busy. very busy

this what i wore to campus today..

all unbranded except mango red quilted bag.

a little bit experion with my mom old skirt :)

all unbranded except my mom esprit old waist skirt and mango red quilted bag

im very busy lately, because of a lot of campus task.. im write this post in the middle of translating my communication theory from english to indonesia. sigh. x(

Rata Tengah

Saturday, March 28, 2009

turn off your light!!

guys, this time for us the help our mother earth. as you know, our beloved earth condition is more and more worst everyday. this day 28 march 2009 please help earth just with turn off your light at 20.30-21.30. save our earth for our better live friend! dont forget tell your all friend and family. xoxo

for your information click the picture

Friday, March 27, 2009

its little bit scary..

before i wrote this post and be inspired to write this, i read my friends blog, nene. her new post just made me think. she wrote about her uncle and aunt who has a happy marriage. everybody in my friends family just like becoming them their role-model about marriage life. the wife was really good in everything, she can cooking perfectly, she's pretty too, she serves her husband with love and their loving each other too.

the husband, i dont know what was in his mind, he was cheating. he said he dont have a feeling anymore with his wife. can you imagine? how the wife feels when her husband said something like that? anyway, the husband was cheating with a whore, and she just sexy, not good at cooking or maybe not really love the husband? what the husband search for this whore?

this is made my friend affraid to survive in marriage life later. i think its not something to affraid. everybody has their very own destiny. let make this lesson to us when we already get married. maybe the husband is kind of people who not says thank with anything he has. so, thats why he not enough just having such a pretty wife, he want a sexy wife too. maybe, who knows? let see, if someday they were divorce (hopefuly not), the husband will really miss his wife, im sure he wants his wife back, because i think sometime people cannot appreaciate what they have untill their losing it.

you can read my friend original post here.

ps: nene, maaf ya dibawa2 ke blog gue, abis kepikiran siih. hee :p

Monday, March 23, 2009

am i look weird?

i just cant think why some boys giggling when i was presentated my task this day in my class? they say me like "Esmeralda". what a @#%^!! was my skirt is quircky? i guess not? then why they giggling at me? such an idiot you boys! im just wearing such this outfit today.

top-casccade, skirt-gazibu, shoes-teh ira's,bag-LV look alike

this is a new skirt i bought yesterday in Gazibu? is it too eyecatching? hmm maybe. i dont care what people say with my outfit. i often receive any negative comment from my friend about my outfit. so why? you think you are the most fashionable or something in this world? what about im wearing such this outfit to college?

tanktop-unbranded, tube top(skirt)-gazibu, tight-unbranded, shoes-teh ira's, belt-mangga dua, bangle-ciwalk

im just joking by the way. theres a big no im wearing such this outfit too college. its too open. oke, im little bit angry and feel annoy this day. but im already forgive you guys. xoxo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

weeken is end, baby..

oh no, my presentation for tomorrow!! i never touch it since thursday. and tomorrow i must presentate it. ooh good, im not in my mood to do that..
by the way, this morning i spent Rp. 35.000 for 2 dress and 2 skirt. i bought it in gazibu. haha..
picture coming tomorrow.. but now i just have Rp.4000 in my pocket. oh no..xoxo

Friday, March 20, 2009

D.I.Y bow headband

i made my own bow headband! and all things i used is old, and i made it all new now!! all you have to do just pick old bow that i get from my old hairpin, and then put some double tape in the back of bow and stick it to the headband! voila! you have your new bow headband.xoxo

sorry for the blurry image. im an amateur DSLR user. :p

stick it stick it!

ps: im gonna wear it today to my college..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

harem jumpsuit- tanah abang,white top- grande, red belt-mangga dua, bow shoes-
,bag- charles jourdan, read headband(necklaces)-kings

im kinda heart harem pant right know. hee. oh yes, that charles jourdan bag! i have it since im hmm about in elemantary. that was my mom actually.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

flower power..

i have one cute flowery dress. but i rarely use it. i have it since im in senior high. hmmm, i think this dress is not so in right now. but i really like to wear it right know. i dont care this dress is still in or off. i just like it. anyway, thanks for reading, hope you like it!xoxo

flower print all around. hihii. see what i can do with this old dress! i put oversize shirt and tight it above my stomach. and this is the result..

top-bloop, flowery dress- ITC mangga dua, wedges-ITC Kuningan, bangle-ciwalk

this dress can be a high-waist skirt too! and its really cool

blue top- grande, high-waist skirt to be- ITC mangga dua, wedges-ITC kuningan, bangle-ciwalk

or, wear it simply. put your tank top and the dress made it just like skirt

grey tank- carefour, skirt to be-ITC mangga dua, bangle-ciwalk, wedges-ITC kuningan
Rata Tengah

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the picture!

this is the new harem pants and wedges. hihii. xp

thanks mom for this pants and shoes..<3<3

white to
p-mom, vest-cihampelas, harem pants-ITC Kuningan, wedges-antonio, ITC kuningan, pink necklaces- somewhere in Trunojoyo

top-bloop, harem pants-ITC kuningan, wedges-antonio ITC kuningan, blue bangle-ciwalk, chocolate bangle-PVJ

i got it!

i have bought the really cute adorable white wedges which i wish about one month ago. and after the heart paint because theres no size for me when i want to buy a cute wedges in pvj, finally i got it in ITC Kuningan for nice price too! just about Rp. 135.000. and also i bought a new harem pant. hihihiihi.. what a happy day yesterday! love you mom. thaks for the shoes and the pants. pict come tomorrow. i promise to my self. xp

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion Quote #1

“Fashion is architecture.
It is a matter of proportions.”

Coco Chanel

she is one of my favorite designer!xoxo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i miss blogging!!

i miss blogging. writing in my blog, searching good fashion items in google so i can write it in here. aaaa i miss it. im kinda busy lately with my college task and friends. first time i made this blog, i tell to my heart, "make new entry everyday, you know you like writing! it can be your media to explore your write". but its hard to do then.

okey, dont be sorry venia. hhhiiihi. this is my wishlist item. hope i have theem!! somebody buy them for mee..

1. new phone!
see my old phone is just nokia 6670. how old your phone? oh its so long time ago. thats why i hope i can have this blackberry

2. balenciaga bag just like them!

look vanesa hudgens, shes like waving her hand to me and said this is bag you want? im sorry i have it first.

3. white wedges
the black one also. ;p. i have found one in charles & keith but theres no size for me. hiks.

4. riiped jeans just like her

also the leather jacket. ooh i want it so much!! where i can buy it? anybody know? tell me please..
aah . kapan ke gedebage inii.

somebody out there? meuni geulis pisan, meuni kasep pisan. beliin doong! hihihi. xoxo

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

polyvore addicted?? i think not..

not so long time ago, theres time i really fall in love with polyvore.. everyday i opened this site. i made sets everyday till 5 or more sets. like crazy now i think. now i just opened this site just 2 or 3 times a week.. i love fashion, and polyvore has a lot of fashion stuf that i can mix and match with anything i like. i cant affort to buy them so i can wear that thats why i think just use it on polyvore was so cool! but i found the negative point in polyvore. one day i found someone set which is used some picture from deviantArt. and the owner of the picture dont like her artwork used on polyvore without permission. thats why i think its time to not losing my time just playing polyvore everyday. i dont want my artwork use by somebody and publish it just like that his/her pure work. its annoying. right? anyway, this my sets.. hope i dont use somebody artworks. xpxp

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