Tuesday, December 30, 2008

mama loreng dan fly over robohnya

hiii.. you know the fly over in bandung, whic is build in 2005? mama laurent said the flyover will broke down and make Bandung a sea of blood in new years eve. iuuuhh. see my chat with syita my friend.
syita ucuul: pepeeeeeeen
syita ucuul: amisyuuu
capapaping: i miss u tooo
capapaping: kamu dimanaa?
syita ucuul: D rmh
syita ucuul: km d bdg gb yaa?
capapaping: iyaaa
capapaping: hohoho
syita ucuul: taun br dsna?
syita ucuul: Sm aiyooo ya?
capapaping: iyaa
capapaping: sma ai yo sama anak kosan gue juga
syita ucuul: Eh jauhin flyover yaa
syita ucuul: kt mama lauren bakal ad flyover d bdg yg roboh
syita ucuul: pas taun br
syita ucuul: Dan bdg bakal jd bdg lautan berdarah
capapaping: oh iya tuh
capapaping: gue juga tau noh ceritanya
capapaping: katanya fly over yang itu ta yang biasa kita lewatin kalo dari jakarta
syita ucuul: pasteur?
capapaping: katanya fly over yang baru jadi taun 2005
capapaping: iya
capapaping: itu fly over baru jadi taun 2005
capapaping: emng pas taun barunya banget?
syita ucuul: aaaah serem abisssss
syita ucuul: Iya katanya c
syita ucuul: Serem bgt,jgn kejadian deh tuh
capapaping: iyaa
capapaping: jangan sampe deeh
capapaping: masalhnya kita kan sering lewat situu
syita ucuul: ntr kita lwt mana kl mau k btc dan pasteur dan jkt?????
capapaping: iya makanyaa
capapaping: takutnya pas kita lwat terus roboh
capapaping: mati lah kita
syita ucuul: waaaaaaaaaaa ga mau mati dl
syita ucuul: mana gw tgl 5 bakal lwt situ lg
syita ucuul: Aaaah gmn nih
capapaping: hahha
capapaping: tadi siang gue lewat situ
syita ucuul: Ga ad jln lain ya slain lwt flyover itu?
capapaping: ga tau gue
capapaping: lewat bawahnya kali
capapaping: sama aje tar malah ketimpa
syita ucuul: Yee jgn lwt bawahnya
syita ucuul: Lbh mojrot lg kl ketimpaa
syita ucuul: Gepeng ntr
capapaping: iya makanya
capapaping: hahah
capapaping: si mama loren ada2 aja nih
syita ucuul: Smoga mama loreng salah
syita ucuul: Amiiiin

bored saved by polyvore again.

haha. i looovveee thiiiss hhohoho.

Rata Tengah

come on make your own polyvore! its relief me from boredom so much looh. hihi

fiiuuuhh.. what a day

you know, my new years plan with my boyfriend and my friend is near to death. haha. the plan is almost failed. but im happy because tomorrow we can celebrate the new year at last. fiuuhh..
and my college teacher puss us to come and study, but my whole class not comin except me and iyen. because of that, bolip said me a betrayer. huuuf. im just savin for my own problem, if i not come to campus this day, i can not do the final test. is your problem not come to campus, why im thinking yours?fiuuhh..

Monday, December 29, 2008

love polyvore!

hoho.. i just found this new website.
take a look for my first set!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


on my spare time im doing something on my hair and take a pict.

jeans skirt from my mom

hmm i think i need to cut it in the bottom

and it should be like this

Monday, December 8, 2008

yes im becoming journalist. hoo

wow, thats me on poster reg (spasi)jurnalistik. hehehe
satu titik dua koma
jurnalistik oke punya. hoho


hmm.. my first day of osjur
dress code: kemeja and scarf

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