Tuesday, February 10, 2009

not always money to make somone happy

last satnite, me, adisty, and adhe went to Mcd Simpang Dago and found this little cutie angel who are so nice to us. They were little streetmusician which just come to Mcd to sing and hope get a little money from people who eating in Mcd. Acctually they just interested with Adhe's laptop. I get interest to them and i ask some question to them. Are they still in school? Are they study? Why they sing in night? etc. They were so nice! I think i just made them happy by just took some picture of them with camera on Adhe's Laptop. They were laughing and look happy! See, make someone happy not always with money. This is the picture!

from left to right: mila, meli, adhe, adisty
above: gita, yani, me!


*fallenstar said...

not always money to make someone happy. but sure, money has a big impact to happiness :)

VENIAA said...

iyaa sih moon. tapi kan yang penting itu bocah pada seneng ajah. hehe

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