Tuesday, April 7, 2009

im back!

hi every one! its been long time not posting anything in my blog. im kinda busy lately. im busy with my task, with my boyfriend who came here to bandung to visit me, and im busy selling clothes, accecories and shoes with my sister. here some picture, im selling it. if you attracted to buy, just give a comment in this post or if you want to see another things see my facebook. just click!

all unbranded, the black ankle boots is for sale with just 150.000 IDR

for sale 150.000 IDR
size :36,37,38

all unbranded,the animal print dress for sale with just 125000 IDR, and the chocolate heels for 150000 IDR

for sale 150.000 IDR
size : 36, 37, 38


GRICIA said...

say..bru dkit yha?dpost lg dunk brg2 yg laen..

venia said...

liat di fb aja..
emang tinggal dikit juga sih brg2nya.. baju2nya tar lagi deh aku post lagi..

Talisa Noor said...

hi,venia! blogwalker here. hehehh.
in my opinion, u look cute in those outfits. keep up the goodwork, esp for ur new business :D

venia said...

thank you talisa!! <3<3

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