Saturday, June 20, 2009

white velvet is going to rock the world!

hey all!! its been looong time not posting in here.. i've lot change since my last posting..
im move to another house, now im selling clothes, tights, and many more and i have one blog with my college friends named White Velvet.

actually White Velvet is just for our assignment. but after all there soooo much people give positive feedbacks. thats make me and my friend thought to continued posting in White Velvet.. and we even have no idea, we made Evita Nuh cried because of our last posting.. we wrote about her and she said she feels really happy. we are too verry happy, evita..

and guess what, because of White Velvet, me and my partner was invited by 95,2 Bandung FM to share our blog to the world on 23th June!! awesooomeee!! White Velvet really really gonna rock the world! check our blog okey, fellas!

ps: im gonna post in here more about my fashion and my life..


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