Friday, September 4, 2009


i saw a lot of stupid women. women who didn't appreciate themself. i think its important for a woman to keep her position, keep her place. if a man didn't love you with his whole heart, just leave him! there's a lot of man outside who wants to give you everything.

even if you're alone, you'll be fine! dont waste you're time with a stupid man who dont have anything and even he didn't appreciate you as a woman. if that man want to take control of you, just let him go! you're not a horse! you're a woman! if he scolding you with unreal reason and more to his satisfaction, scold him back!

if he doesn't have an advantage?oh man, you're a plus. with a minus you'll be zero, with a plus you'll be one. if you're alone, you still a plus. that man is cheating on you?? give him a lesson! just show him how stupid he is about losing you! leave him, because he's the most stupid man in the world!

come on, women! we are strong. dont let those stupid man take control of us! God just created us so beautifuly with so many "plus" in ourself. we need to have strength!

ps: took from my friends blog and translated by me :p


Fajrini Darma Dalel said...


Anonymous said...

you know what, maybe before I fall in love with a man, i will really agree with that. but maybe you haven't find a man that you really love till you loose your mind:P hehehhe

venia said...

never loose your mind for a boy unless he looses his mind first to you :D

Fajrini Darma Dalel said...

Oh I know. Swear to God I know. I know how it feels, when you're so in love. When u r losing ur mind. When u think u would do anything for this guy sake. When all you care bout in this world is this guy. When you scared, scared of losing this guy. Scared of thinkin how's life will be without him in your arms. But the time will come when ur back to ur senses, when you will realize 'what the heck am I doin?'. & when that time comes you will choose, either you will stay on that stupidity, no future, got nothing, misery, & when you grows & get married - & have kid your kid will not raise right cause they got loser as their dad & mom- or u can leave him! Find something better for urself, be better. & of course,to do that, it will be fuckin hard. Ur world will falling apart, ur heart hurt, ur body hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt. It will be so much easier to just get back to that man. Believe me, I know that feeling. Just like trying to stop ur drug addiction. But would you be on drug forever? It can kill you. But eventually, you WILL sober. You will past all that. You will feel better. You will be better. & you WILL find a better man, cause you're a better person. & no one can take you for granted again. Cause when YOU apreciate urself, others too. Just use those brain. ;)

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