Monday, March 23, 2009

am i look weird?

i just cant think why some boys giggling when i was presentated my task this day in my class? they say me like "Esmeralda". what a @#%^!! was my skirt is quircky? i guess not? then why they giggling at me? such an idiot you boys! im just wearing such this outfit today.

top-casccade, skirt-gazibu, shoes-teh ira's,bag-LV look alike

this is a new skirt i bought yesterday in Gazibu? is it too eyecatching? hmm maybe. i dont care what people say with my outfit. i often receive any negative comment from my friend about my outfit. so why? you think you are the most fashionable or something in this world? what about im wearing such this outfit to college?

tanktop-unbranded, tube top(skirt)-gazibu, tight-unbranded, shoes-teh ira's, belt-mangga dua, bangle-ciwalk

im just joking by the way. theres a big no im wearing such this outfit too college. its too open. oke, im little bit angry and feel annoy this day. but im already forgive you guys. xoxo


Oliphe Butarbutar said...

I prefer the 2nd pic.It looks better when u wore it as a dress =)

Ira Hendina Putri said...

cowok klo ngomong suka seenakny emang ve..
but dont care with what them say to you venia loves..
u look great..
ayoo kita k gasibu lagii..

venia said...

@oliphe : thanks..
@ teh ira: iya teeh aku sebel bgt kemaren tauu.. hehe.. thanks ya teeh, ayoo kita ke gazibu lg tp ga ada duit. haha

Anonymous said...

siapa yang peduli men? you look gorgeous that day! ;)
ngomong2 gue anonim mulu dah. jadi pengen bikin juga ahh hhihi :p

siapa gue hayooo?

venia said...

i know who you are..
the only one who made me another nickname? siapa lagi kalo bukan lo mi.. huahaha

Fajrini Darma Dalel said...

bagus ah. jgn pikirin those stupid little BOY.kiikikkik

venia said...

iya emang ne.. dasar. pdhl mereka umu udh tua tapi kelakuan kayak anak abg labil. huahuahua..

Shila Ghaisani said...

looks nice :)

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