Wednesday, March 18, 2009

flower power..

i have one cute flowery dress. but i rarely use it. i have it since im in senior high. hmmm, i think this dress is not so in right now. but i really like to wear it right know. i dont care this dress is still in or off. i just like it. anyway, thanks for reading, hope you like it!xoxo

flower print all around. hihii. see what i can do with this old dress! i put oversize shirt and tight it above my stomach. and this is the result..

top-bloop, flowery dress- ITC mangga dua, wedges-ITC Kuningan, bangle-ciwalk

this dress can be a high-waist skirt too! and its really cool

blue top- grande, high-waist skirt to be- ITC mangga dua, wedges-ITC kuningan, bangle-ciwalk

or, wear it simply. put your tank top and the dress made it just like skirt

grey tank- carefour, skirt to be-ITC mangga dua, bangle-ciwalk, wedges-ITC kuningan
Rata Tengah


Rio Nanda Back to Nature said...

dede cantik banget jadi tambah cinta ni aku sama kamu de.......
your the best i eber had n the only love of my life

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