Friday, March 20, 2009

D.I.Y bow headband

i made my own bow headband! and all things i used is old, and i made it all new now!! all you have to do just pick old bow that i get from my old hairpin, and then put some double tape in the back of bow and stick it to the headband! voila! you have your new bow headband.xoxo

sorry for the blurry image. im an amateur DSLR user. :p

stick it stick it!

ps: im gonna wear it today to my college..


Ovi said...

nice & simple tips. great.

makasi ya rajin ngasi komen, hehehe. sori gw jarang
leave some comments here...

eniwei gw juga kayak tmn lo itu.
frankly i've been like
freakin out to accept that i'm
no longer 19.
and my mom keeps askin me
"when are you gonna marry, ovi?"
it's just sooo creepy. really.

Oliphe Butarbutar said...

nice headband. Maybe u can put the bow with the same color around the headband. It will look nice =)

venia said...

@ ovi: thx..

@oliphe: honestly, i just have one bow and i dont know how to make another bow.. hihi. :p

ecchandiary said...

waah lucuu ven..
bkinin achuu dong hihi

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