Wednesday, March 4, 2009

polyvore addicted?? i think not..

not so long time ago, theres time i really fall in love with polyvore.. everyday i opened this site. i made sets everyday till 5 or more sets. like crazy now i think. now i just opened this site just 2 or 3 times a week.. i love fashion, and polyvore has a lot of fashion stuf that i can mix and match with anything i like. i cant affort to buy them so i can wear that thats why i think just use it on polyvore was so cool! but i found the negative point in polyvore. one day i found someone set which is used some picture from deviantArt. and the owner of the picture dont like her artwork used on polyvore without permission. thats why i think its time to not losing my time just playing polyvore everyday. i dont want my artwork use by somebody and publish it just like that his/her pure work. its annoying. right? anyway, this my sets.. hope i dont use somebody artworks. xpxp


cha*uree said...

meni kayaknya addict banget ama polyvore.. eeaaaa.. tukang mecing-mecingin baju kuliah tuh, hehe

lola said...


VENIAA said...

enaak ajaa cha!
gak tauu.. cuma jd ngiler tau liat barang2 yg ada di polyvore. hee

cha*uree said...

iyaa bener banget menii, apalagi sekarang lagi musim geek gituu..

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