Thursday, March 12, 2009

i miss blogging!!

i miss blogging. writing in my blog, searching good fashion items in google so i can write it in here. aaaa i miss it. im kinda busy lately with my college task and friends. first time i made this blog, i tell to my heart, "make new entry everyday, you know you like writing! it can be your media to explore your write". but its hard to do then.

okey, dont be sorry venia. hhhiiihi. this is my wishlist item. hope i have theem!! somebody buy them for mee..

1. new phone!
see my old phone is just nokia 6670. how old your phone? oh its so long time ago. thats why i hope i can have this blackberry

2. balenciaga bag just like them!

look vanesa hudgens, shes like waving her hand to me and said this is bag you want? im sorry i have it first.

3. white wedges
the black one also. ;p. i have found one in charles & keith but theres no size for me. hiks.

4. riiped jeans just like her

also the leather jacket. ooh i want it so much!! where i can buy it? anybody know? tell me please..
aah . kapan ke gedebage inii.

somebody out there? meuni geulis pisan, meuni kasep pisan. beliin doong! hihihi. xoxo


Ovi said...

thanks for the support.
means a lot for me.
you got a real high brow anyway...

cha*uree said...

ya ya ya..
bagus menii, tadinya gua yang ngerasa geulis mau ngebeliin loe barang-barang ntuu, tapi kagak ade doit, ghahaha..
*jadi cuma ngerasa geulisna doank.. hehehe..

VENIAA said...

@ovi : your welcome.. :)

@cha : ah kamu mah ca..
beliin atuuuh ih. hee..

Anonymous said...

gue doain lo dapet BB dah men. lo juga doain gue dapet 5800 ya!;)

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