Friday, March 27, 2009

its little bit scary..

before i wrote this post and be inspired to write this, i read my friends blog, nene. her new post just made me think. she wrote about her uncle and aunt who has a happy marriage. everybody in my friends family just like becoming them their role-model about marriage life. the wife was really good in everything, she can cooking perfectly, she's pretty too, she serves her husband with love and their loving each other too.

the husband, i dont know what was in his mind, he was cheating. he said he dont have a feeling anymore with his wife. can you imagine? how the wife feels when her husband said something like that? anyway, the husband was cheating with a whore, and she just sexy, not good at cooking or maybe not really love the husband? what the husband search for this whore?

this is made my friend affraid to survive in marriage life later. i think its not something to affraid. everybody has their very own destiny. let make this lesson to us when we already get married. maybe the husband is kind of people who not says thank with anything he has. so, thats why he not enough just having such a pretty wife, he want a sexy wife too. maybe, who knows? let see, if someday they were divorce (hopefuly not), the husband will really miss his wife, im sure he wants his wife back, because i think sometime people cannot appreaciate what they have untill their losing it.

you can read my friend original post here.

ps: nene, maaf ya dibawa2 ke blog gue, abis kepikiran siih. hee :p


Ovi said...

what really creepy is
when earth becomes weaker
jadi gw mengajak lo utk ikut
earth hour tgl 28 maret 2009
pukul 20:30-21:30 wib
padamkan listrik di rumah
hentikan penggunaan barang elektronik
for one hour only
ajak keluarga, tetangga, teman, pacar
utk ikut kampanye wwf ini
akan dilakukan serentak di seluruh dunia
save the earth, save thyself

Fajrini Darma Dalel said...

hhiihihih kpikiran ya ven? iya gw jugaaa

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